You’ve been marching along and following the rules.  But deep inside, you know that there’s more.  You’re a leader but you are nervous about BRINGING IT!  Or, you might be BRINGING IT but no one else gets where you’re going.  It’s time for you to figure out how to LEAD WITH PURPOSE and PERFORM WITH POWER!

I can help with that!

What do I do? I help you design and execute a HIGH PERSONAL POWER plan for your life and your business. I work with you to figure out where you are currently and what systems or tools can help you to be the LEADER that you are BUILT to be.

You should work with me if you are a business owner (active or aspiring), business leader or busy executive who:

  1. Is not sure about how to communicate your expected results with your team
  2. Feels like you are spinning and not achieving your personal OR your business goals
  3. Is ready to move from plateau-ed to gaining momentum again
  4. Is not sure how to maximize the skills of their team
  5. Is ready to LAUNCH to the next phase of growth but are just not sure where to step.

Is this a fit?
The truth is that not every relationship works. And, there is nothing wrong with admitting that. You work hard and do what you can but everything doesn’t always fit. If that is the case, I’m committed to figuring that out as early as possible so that we can both make efficient use of our time.

  • If you believe that you are committed, focused and ready to get to a new stage, we can work together.
  • If you are ready to lock in and put in the work that it will take to move forward aggressively, we can work together.
  • If you have some ideas that you just need some help with getting organized and understood, we can work together.
  • If you are thin skinned, get offended easily and are really sensitive about your life and business, we probably won’t fit.

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Send me an email explaining what you are looking for, your main business/life challenges
  2. We’ll schedule a 15 min intro call to get to know each other, process your email information
  3. I will give you some quick tips and pointers about how you can move forward
  4. We will determine together if if makes sense to move forward
  5. If we mutually agree, I will send you a coaching agreement
  6. You will make payment for the coaching package that we have agreed on
  7. We will set up our coaching strategy

I can work with you in four ways:

  1. One-on-One Coaching
  2. Group Coaching
  3. Masterminds
  4. Consulting VIP Day

If you are interested in starting the process:

Here’s What People Who Have Worked With Me Have Said


In addition to coaching, I provide a great deal of technical and consulting knowledge and experience.  If I can’t do it, I know who can or can find someone good to do it.  Ask me about creating a customized coaching and/or consulting package for you or your organization.