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WHO IS RK3 & Why Should You Hire Him?

Robert Kennedy III (RK3) is a leadership communication expert, international keynote speaker, corporate trainer and best-selling author. For the past 10 years, RK3 has spoken for and worked with some of the world’s largest companies, associations, government and faith-based organizations. Notable clients include AARP, Social Security Administration, Comscore, U.S. Coast Guard,  Barnes & Noble, Michigan Realtors Association, National Realtors Association, and many others.

Robert’s presentations stand out for audiences because:


Robert believes what he teaches with every cell in his body. Audiences feel it, soak it in and leave with actionable ideas they can immediately begin to implement for amazing results


Robert cares about the audience members and involves them in every presentation. They will clap, yell, talk back, wave and maybe even break into song. They will walk away feeling like they have had an experience. He will also get to know members of your group BEFORE, during and AFTER each presentation.


As a former classroom teacher, course developer, voiceover artist, and even radio news anchor, he understands the ins and outs of communication and leadership from a few different perspectives. (Oh and he is also a PK (Preachers Kid))


He doesn’t officially call himself a comedian but he loves to laugh and your audiences will laugh right along with him!

The RK3 Experience

Clip: 7th Grade Teacher




He makes points memorably. Do you want your audience to sit idly as the message is being shared or would you prefer to see the jumping up for a rubber ball and laughing with their ENTIRE INNER CHILD?

When you invite Robert to speak to your organization, it’s more than a speech…it’s an EXPERIENCE!

Here is ME in my words :). I love helping people create hope, generate excitement and belief in their capacity to change lives, starting with their own. I’m a speaker, trainer, author and a guy who helps people with their stories.

Sometimes, people call me Coach. But, for some reason, when they call me that, I feel like I should have a whistle. In actuality, I’ve ended up coaching my sons in basketball, baseball and I have NO IDEA how I ended up on the sidelines…since I wasn’t a star player by any means. Anyhoo, that’s a different story.

I’ve been speaking for a long time in a variety of capacities…I was a teacher. I’ve started several singing groups and bands. One of them actually recorded a gospel project…that was fun. We spent months recording and producing the project. I remember crying at the album release…(shhh, don’t tell anyone) and I blame my brother. We were trying to hold in the tears and he broke down first so it was this chain reaction after that. We felt like punks.LOL.

Let me get to the real story here. If I look back at my entire life, I’ve been a communicator from the start. My mom says I talked at 7 months old. In high school, I did a career inventory exam and it said communication would be my strength. So, of course, I went to college and did…BIOLOGY. Yep, I was really listening. But, I wouldn’t say it was a total misdirection because I ended up teaching for 10 years. In that time, I would start also two business, one where I interviewed and promoted artists and another building websites.

I’ve been a real estate agent, a news anchor, a voiceover artist, an e-learning developer and all this has lead me to a career in training and speaking. Yes, I talk for a living. The strange thing for many people is finding out I’m an introvert. Yes, that label. But, I take solace in knowing that some of the greatest performers and speaker were also introverts. I’m working towards great.

If you’ve been following along with all of this quick version of my life, you’ll no doubt note I’ve done a few things. But, far and away the greatest things I’ve done are marrying my amazing wife and together having three awesome kids. They are my WHY!

I guess that’s how I ended up coaching basketball.

Want to connect? I’m doing my best to make it easy.  You can connect with me on any of my social media channels listed here. And, you can also just hop on my calendar here: